All about horse

Today is all about football. I played 5-a-side this morning, during which I was compared to both Ibrahimovic and del Piero. Sadly, it was Keith Ibrahimovic, a plumber from Aylesbury, and Jennifer del Piero, a postgraduate history student from Boston. Still: it’s a start.

And just now, I’m going to put on my big boy pants and brace watching United at Wolves. Such is the injury crisis at Bramall Lane, I think Keith and Jennifer are both on the bench.

But if today is all about football. And it is – I just said that – yesterday was all about horse.

An early start in the grey, drizzly conditions out at Hout Bay for Little Miss 6000 to take half a ton of well-muscled ex-racehorse around the course at a show there:

And then quickly home for a shower and a change before heading out to Kenilworth Racecourse to watch Mrs 6000’s favourite horse come second in a very, very competitive field.

It was an amazing result.

A great day out then, although the weather was distinctly un-February-like: cold, wet, grey. But once you’re wet once, you’re wet. And the fun takes away the cold.

Sort of.