Albert Pierrepoint: a long read

…but a really absorbing one.

Here’s the story – well, a story – of Albert Pierrepoint, Britain’s Last Executioner.

I say “a story” because there seem to be numerous conflicting tales surrounding him, including several versions of the truth from his own mouth. But maybe it’s that lack of clarity, together with the rather unusual and gory nature of his work, which helps augment the mystique around this enigmatic character.

Either way, while the article jumps around a bit, and certainly doesn’t answer all the questions – far from it – it’s definitely a really interesting read into how differing people, differing organisations, and differing times viewed Pierrepoint and his profession.

Worth 10 minutes of your time.

UPDATE: Oh noes! Some readers are complaining about a paywall on this article. If only there was a hastily downloaded PDF version available.