Ajax Face Liquidation Threat

Soccer Laduma is reporting that Ajax Cape Town, my choice of local football club could be on the brink of liquidation, despite “being in good financial state”. The reason then? Infighting between the two families who own a 49% stake in the club:

We had an Ajax Cape Town board meeting yesterday which once again proved to be unfruitful. We have failed in all attempts to come to an agreement or settlement with regards to the family’s assets, including the club. We have now called a board meeting of Cape Town Stars (the company that holds the 49% of Ajax Cape Town that the Efstathiou and Comitis families own) on Thursday at 10am. At that meeting we will discuss the future of Ajax Cape Town.”
The crew asked what was meant by ‘the future of Ajax Cape Town’, questioning whether liquidation was an option, to which he replied, “Yes, it is. One of the points of discussion will be the winding up or liquidating of the club.”

While I note that the liquidation is only one possible option, it’s obviously the worst case scenario and therefore the one which Soccer Laduma have seized upon.

I always find it hugely disappointing when grown adults cannot see beyond their differences (petty or otherwise) and actually act in a mature, rational manner, especially when the livelihoods and passions of so many others are involved.
It would be massively disappointing for the fans, the PSL and for Cape Town if this doesn’t get – favourably – sorted out soon.

3 thoughts on “Ajax Face Liquidation Threat

  1. Agreed, it’s completely the worst case scenario, and I hope to hell that it doesn’t come to that. Hopefully between the guys they can use a bit of common sense and not force Cape Town’s few die hard fans even further away from the club.

  2. Almost every Dutch family I have ever met has some sort of family fued going on in the background. I have always assumed it is something to do with living on top of each other in that small crowded space.

    From the moment I checked out the set-up at AjaxCT I always wondered if a fight on the Dutch side would bring doom to the club. It seems ironic to me that it may now be a fight on the SA side that finishes them off.

  3. Well, Greeks do tend to be a passionate lot…and when those passions run into each other, it’s not known to end well for anyone caught in the middle…

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