Advice for Spurs…

I was going to write this before the game tonight, but now I find myself writing while the game is on and already Spurs are behind to the mighty Real Madrid. Look, we’ve seen some amazing heroics from Spurs this season, and I’ve been wrong about football scores before: who hasn’t? If I knew the result before every game, my life would be very boring, although the MASSIVE amounts of money I would have might take the edge off that boredom.

Anyway, my advice for Spurs is even more pertinent now:

Settle for a draw,
Well you’re not gonna get no more so you should settle for a draw.

Actually, with Peter Crouch sent off, I’m guessing that might even be a bit of an ask.

3 thoughts on “Advice for Spurs…

  1. The problem for Spurs being that injuries seem to be massive for them now, and it’s ok saying concentrate on the league, but I fear that they could quite easily NOT qualify for Europe at all, and then the wheels will start to come off. Liverpool could quite easily catch them for that 5th place if the Spurs (more gomes) confidence dosen’t return any time soon.

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