Admyt hiccup

Heading into the V&A today to smash MARBLE, Hinthunt‘s latest escape room, (<20% success rate in the 8 weeks it’s been open), we overcame the initial challenge of actually getting to the room to escape from, despite the horrific traffuck on the way into town. Buoyed by this early success, I confidently drove up to the car park barrier and waited for Admyt to do its thing.

But nothing happened. Eek.

However, I did immediately get an email telling me that nothing had happened, and also explaining how to sort the situation out:

So even though it didn’t recognise my number plate, it also clearly did recognise my number plate enough for it to send me an email saying that it didn’t recognise my number plate.

And yes, attached to the side of the ticket machine was an admyt QR code, which clearly circumnavigates the need for full on recognition of your number plate.

All’s well that ends well, then. And this did end well.

A reminder that you can get the app on Apple here, or Google here. Then use this code:


to get R10 off your first parking bill. And look like a superstar as you sweep into car parks nationwide.

(Oh, and yes, we nailed the escape room with almost 10 minutes to spare… Dangerous Rodney Dream Team Massive.)