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I was gently going about my business yesterday afternoon, only mildly depressed by the scorelines of earlier football matches, when someone (I’m not sure who it was) tweeted about earning money from their blog and how they weren’t, but they felt that they should be. It got me thinking.

6000 miles…has always been about the content. And while you might not agree that it’s very good content, my ever-swelling numbers of visitors and feedburner stats would say differently. So – primarily as an experiment – I have added some Google ads to the site. You may have noticed that subtle massive bar thing across the the top of this (and every other) post. If I make this post long enough, you’ll see the one in the sidebar as well.
And while I’m bound by the somewhat Draconian Google AdSense Terms and Conditions from enticing readers to click on them, that’s obviously what they are there for. Many of my regular readers will be wondering where the excessive profanity, hacking/cracking, gambling, casino-related, illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia content and the sales of beer, hard alcohol, prescription drugs, weapons and ammunition (e.g. firearms, firearm components, fighting knives, stun guns) stuff has gone.
Well, I’m not allowed to do that sort of thing any more either.

Yes, the ads are a little ugly and yes, maybe I’m ‘selling out’ a bit by installing them, but since this blog already conformed to virtually every standard that Google wanted to impose on it anyway, together with the fact that I work damn hard at maintaining the site (you’ve had a post every day for February, March and April), I feel that if I can get some monetary reward from it – well great. 

I’ll also be putting ads onto my RSS feed at some point. Possibly.

Meanwhile, if any company wants to buy ad space on the blog, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I have a big local readership and would offer very reasonable rates to local (Cape Town or SA) companies: I might not be South African, but I do still subscribe to the Proudly South African approach to business. Except that I actually do things when I say I will.

Of course, as a scientist, I recognise that experiments can go horribly wrong. Only last week, I managed to infect over half the population of [suburb] with XDR-TB after an unfortunate incident involving them and some XDR-TB. Hopefully, by the time they track the source, I’ll have made enough cash from Google to escape to [nice place]. 
But if this doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, it – like me – will disappear pretty quickly. Lingerie, pictures, swimsuit, photos, amateurs, underwear, lacy underwear, bra, suspender belt, stockings, sexy ladies.

14 thoughts on “Added Ads

  1. So far, the ads are very subtle. Almost like they aren’t there at all.

    Jacques´s last blog post was: A stinging rebuttal (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  2. Nope – can’t see them in any of 3 browsers. But so long as you can see them, we (your readers, rather than my browsers) are all happy.

    Jacques´s last blog post was: A stinging rebuttal (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  3. Jacques > Weird. Maybe UCT is blocking google ads or something? Definitely there. Checked in IE8 and FF3.
    And, as I say, being clicked.

  4. Hey, go for it… don’t worry about selling out… this is Africa. You have to put coins in the bank and food on the table!

  5. So subtle I did not see them until I read the relevant blog. Go for it, I say.

  6. Fleet > Thanks. Good news. Anything of interest there for you? Some SA timeshare and hotels near Sheffield Airport? You know you want to.

    Rashid > USD goes a long way. Although not as far as it went last week.

    OL > I will. Who are you, by the way?

    DW > Grr. What browser are you using?

    Max > Is that a subtle way of saying they’re too subtle?

  7. Just to help with the tech confusion: I can see the ads from campus and on mobile browser, but not from home – I just now realise that this is due to my very lovely hosts file, which blocks all ads and many malicious sites by looking for that traffic on (ie. my PC) – when it doesn’t find it there, nothing displays. And it’s a good bandwidth saver too. In the interests of 6K’s revenue stream, I’ll say no more…

    Jacques´s last blog post was: Varsity – reporting on the blasphemy debate (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  8. DW > Odd. Not your browser. The whole no ad thing.

    OL > You’re only here for the money. Did you even click an ad?

    Jacques> Ah. Thanks. Shh. You’re missing some great offers, mind.

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