About next week

I mean, there’s no other word for it. I’m off on a jolly.
In the English, informal noun sense of the word.

Away far up North (in this country, at least), in order to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

I’m trying very hard not to feel too guilty about leaving the family behind for almost 6 days, but I am looking forward to a few days in Kruger, observing the animals and sampling the local beer.

My only previous Kruger experience was taking (camera) shots of the fences between the Park and the citrus farms that backed onto it: good fences, well-funded. And while that was great fun, and there was wildlife around, the chance to see some animals close up and then talk about it over a braai in the evening is something I’m very quite excited about.

No idea about internet coverage there, so I’ll be pre-loading some posts before Wednesday’s red-eye flight and the 8 hour drive to – almost – the Mozambique border. But as ever, keep checking in here for additional impromptu posts, and Instagram for ‘togs on the fly.