A3 v A4

Mainly for my foreign visitors and those dwindling numbers of locals who persist in suggesting that South Africa won’t be able to host the 2010 FIFA World Cup because of… “stuff”; an excellent set of photos from Rob Gilmour taken from a helicopter* over the Green Point Stadium.


Exactly 365 days from now, I will be in there with 69,069 others, watching the all-important A3 v A4 clash. A win in this first game is vital, given that A1 and A2 have already played in Jo’burg a little earlier and there was a result of some description. It’s 9:22pm CAT, just into half time after an action-packed first half and I will currently be queuing for an overpriced boerie roll and some pissy american beer.

FIFA 2010 World Cup match schedule | Green Point Stadium Webcams | Cape Town Tourism 2010 site

* either that or he’s really tall…

14 thoughts on “A3 v A4

  1. It’s coming on mate! Looking forward to some match action shots in the vital A3 v A4 tie

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  2. Wiggy > My money is on (and always has been on) A3. They’ve looked awesome throughout qualifying and must be in with a shout.

    Goblin > Big bash at Hamilton’s for all the bigwigs, I believe. Enjoy.

  3. My uncle sent me some awesome shots of the stadium in PE too. It’s looking better every day!

    PS: My money is on A4. Just because you put yours on A3. I know they are a long shot, but I always support the Underdogs (That’s why I’m a Yiddo!)

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  4. Australia have qualified, hope they are not in A3’s group. Hopefully it will be here in 2018 or 2022.

  5. The pissy American beer bothers me as well. But at least you won’t be eating an overpriced boerie roll as Mackey D’s are the food sponsor. So a beer mat burger it is 🙁

    Come on A4… 😉

  6. oh, you guys are sooo behind in the Western Cape…..

    Our stadium has been finished for ages and we are going to watch the Lions play there on Tuesday.

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  7. Since A3 is the Netherlands, you may be right to back them (see if I’m right in 12 months time!). Stadium looks awesome but is that a glass roof? Won’t the crowd be cooked? Also, I hear that the stadium in Durban has a cable car from it to the beach….how cool is that??

  8. Delboy > Ha! A4 is Yemen. Possibly.

    Stan > I think Australia may well be a 3 team. And as for the Ronaldo fee – talented player, but no-one is worth that much. 80 million quid is over a billion Rand. So that’s about a Rand per tantrum.

    DW > McBoerie Roll – McD’s is now locally owned. Seriously.

    OL > Proper projects take proper time. Little stadia look nice, but don’t hold many people. 49,500. Bless. 😉

    DW > It’s all true.

    Ant > I think Holland will be a 1 seeded team. Not a 3.

  9. 6000> McD’s SA is up for sale. Hasn’t been sold yet. Hopefully the new owners will de-halal it so we can get real pig in the McMuffin a bring back the McRib.. 😉 The though of a McBoerie 🙁

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