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Afrihost to Zebra (and Giraffe).

I made the switch from WebAfrica to Afrihost this evening, thus saving myself about R50 a month, upping my monthly bandwidth by 67% and – perhaps most importantly – actually being able to connect to the internet. It was almost completely painless, but having bought my router off the back of a stolen lorry, there were a few mild teething issues to contend with. Nothing that a few kind words from Afrihost support and a few kind smacks with a claw hammer couldn’t sort out though.

All this so that I could tell you about the somewhat bizarre gig we went to this afternoon. At which the organisers were expecting a few thousand – but at which there were only a few hundred. If that.
It was intimate. It was friendly. It was downright odd.

There are photos – some quite good ones as well – it wasn’t like I couldn’t saunter through the empty space right up to Greg Carlin’s feet, so distance wasn’t an issue. But sorting through them hasn’t happened yet. I’ll let you know when there’s something so see. Meanwhile, I can report that Z&G were very good, the Dirty Skirts were also very good and the crowd (both of it) were extremely appreciative in the summer sun wind.

Meanwhile – death to Web Africa, who were good, but then slipped a little and Viva Afrihost, Viva!

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