A reminder of the time

A tenuous churchy theme running through today, I note.

From the letters page of the Southern Suburbs Tatler, the local freebie that they continue to insist on delivering, despite my many threats of violence. Perhaps I’m threatening the wrong people.
The subject being discussed is the rights and wrongs of church bells being rung early in the morning in a residential area. I didn’t see the original story, but this correspondence leapt out at me.

I read with some concern that the church bells were causing annoyance.
I was so thrilled to hear the beautiful clarion calls and bells at Christmas, and also hoped they would continue.

It is lovely to hear the bells at 5:45am, at six in the morning and the evening and at noon – nice to have a reminder of the time.

Joan Wurr, Claremont

Yes, at 5:45am, Joan likes to have a reminder of the time. And not just for her, but for the thousands of others who live in the area, too. Heaven forbid (npi) that she and they should sleep through that most important of times: a quarter to six in the morning. Although, it’s nice to know that if you somehow manage to continue your slumbers undisturbed past 5:45, then the local clergy have instituted something akin to a snooze function 15 minutes later.

Joan – if it’s “nice to have a reminder of the time” how about buying a clock with an alarm function? They’re all the rage these days, you know?

For the record, I have nothing against church bells ringing at noon or six in the evening. Not even at a reasonable hour in the morning like 9 o’clock.
But no, there’s no such thing as a nice reminder of the time at quarter to six in the morning.
If people want to know when it’s 5:45am, then they should do what I did and have kids.

Extra marks to me for getting all the way through this post without using the word “ungodly”.

10 thoughts on “A reminder of the time

  1. I lived about 300m from a church that did this. Drove me slightly loopy over the years. Quarter to six is a completely uncalled for time for bells.

  2. Goblin > It doesn’t count because I put it in italics.

    Rob > Any other place that did this (e.g. nightclub) would be closed down as a nusiance.

  3. DW > Why worse? I don’t care what wakes me up: bells, imam, neighbours dogs, hadedas, screaming child, whatever. I’m still in bad mood all day (see today for details).

  4. 5 times a day for 15 mins. That’s why. Agree any noise before 09h00 weekdays & 11h00 on weekends should be outlawed. 😉

  5. DW > 9am on weekdays? Don’t you work??
    11am on Weekends? Don’t you have kids??
    Re 5 x 15 – pretty much the same as the church, really. Would only be the early morning one that bothered me in either case.

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