A Real Man

This is a difficult post, because a lot hinges upon it. After the 2009 Kids in Tow Tour and the disastrous 2010 Last Hurrah Tour, we have another trip to the UK coming up and we need a name for it. I have plenty of time to decide on suitable nomenclature ahead of our departure, but I want to post about it today. And I don’t have a name.

But I can’t let minor details distract me from this! We’ll sort something out posthumously.
Or whatever the word is.

Because while in London, I will be eating some pizza! Here.

Seriously? A Manx-themed pizza restaurant in the heart of London? I cannot wait.

The Snaefell Diabola “The Hottest Pizza in the British Isles” looks particularly attractive to me, as do the Manannan Vodka cocktails.
Mrs 6k will enjoy the Manx chocolate pizza. And the kids will eat most anything.

And they do queenies. And if you pay with Manx currency, you get a discount.

Colour me hungry.

2 thoughts on “A Real Man

  1. “Balla Hipster Tour 2012” as i see that restaurant is in oh so trendy Clerkenwell. Bring me some Henderson’s. Will trade for Mary Whitehouse.

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