A February admin post

Look at the title: This is an admin post. No – I don’t like them either, but they are necessary evils to keep you informed and to remind me what I did and why I did it. Keep reading – you might learn something.

Without wanting to give too much away (just in case the Overlords are reading), despite my physical geographical location being 33°54’44″S 18°29’19″E (ish) as I write this, it is becoming evident that my emotional geographical location is much more 53°23’09″N 1°28’10″W.

I’m missing the snow and the warm beer. All we have here is soaring temperatures, hot winds and runaway veld fires. I’m missing the decent football, although last night’s Merseyside derby cup replay didn’t do much to promote the beautiful (English) game. As one correspondent to the blog remarked: “What a complete waste of nearly 3 hours of potential sleep time.”

And he was right.

But no-one likes a morose blogger, so keeping my mind busy with other things is what’s required. Thus, it’s spring-cleaning time at 6000 miles….
Out go a couple of redundant blogs from the blogroll, in comes heavyweight English comedian Stephen Fry and his unsurprisingly chatty personal offerings.
The RSS feed has been updated too. Following a myriad of pleading emails, it’s now full text. See? I listen!
I have been signed up by GlobalPost.com and will now be telling the truth about South Africa to people even more globally than before – if that’s possible.

Additionally, I’m now on twitter. Not for any other reason than everyone else seemed to be doing it and it looked a bit of fun. You can look in the sidebar for my latest status, or if you follow me @6000, it’ll even keep you in the know about updates on here.

Finally, I’m attempting a post a day in February. This is day five of February and this is my fifth post. So all in all, it seems to be going quite well. And your response has been wonderful too – visitors are up almost 300% on this time last year. Thanks. And tell your friends to come and have a look too.

There. All done, I think. Like a uneventful visit to the dentist – not as bad as you thought, was it?
Although you haven’t got my bill yet.

10 thoughts on “A February admin post

  1. Well I’m still there so it’s all good 😀

    I like the addition of Fry, that’s flipping awesome!

    And I’m liking the idea of a post a day, more of my favourite favourite is always good.

    Goblin´s last blog post was: The Christian Bale Moment (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  2. The snow is great but a bit of a waste since I was at work and when I got home it all melted 🙁

    It does make winter bearable though. IF it snowed all the time I might actually survive the Northern winters.

    But then I wouldn’t enjoy it so much!

    Po´s last blog post was: That One Time (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  3. Thanks for updating the RSS feed. Makes it a lot easier to skim through your posts! 😛

    DelBoy´s last blog post was: Hot, hot, hot! (Note: 6000 miles… is not responsible for the content of external internet sites)

  4. You can check your email at 6000atballacorkish.net as well

    Also 33°54?44?S 18°29?19?E. Airsprings.cc?

  5. Goblin > Flattery will get you everywhere. Your cheque is in the post.

    Po > Yeah, but “I miss the warm beer and slush” wouldn’t have been anywhere near as emotive. Or true.

    Del > I know. That’s my worry. 🙁 But thanks for reminding everyone of that fact.

    Dw> Airsprings.cc indeed. OK. Not. I did say (ish).
    P.S. No email. My hopes. So high. Dashed.

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