A crazy day

Happy Valentine’s Day, if you’re one of those people who celebrate such things.
Or even if you’re not. I don’t like to discriminate.

I know what you’re going to ask: is the kitchen work finished?

No. Of course it’s not. That would be far too straightforward. And so we’re stuck without a sink and a cooker and a hob for at least another 24 hours. The pile of washing up is now hiding the beagle out of sight, and some of the stuff from last week is growing some beautiful Aspergillus spp..

To be fair, apparently the hob guy did turn up this morning, but he didn’t tell us that he was coming. Therefore, when he arrived in the middle of loadshedding, the doorbell didn’t work and our local Vodacom tower was having a nap as well.

“I did throw some stones at the window,” he said.
He should have sung up at the balconette. Julliet would have let him in.
As it is, I shall have to check the front for broken panes.


So we’ll try again tomorrow. And maybe we can wrap everything up in one go.

Just like we were supposed to have done last week.