A bit weird

This is mildly creepy.

Step forward the new Dialdirect TVC: “The Notebook”, filmed in Kalk Bay (at least some of it) and currently airing on SA TV right now. Have a look. And curse those darn onions that someone is cutting nearby and which are making your eyes water. Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Lovely. I’m almost ready to buy some insurance. Almost.

But now, look at this:
We have an ironing board, and a kitchen. We live in a house. We have a blonde-haired son. And we also have a beagle which bays at the vacuum cleaner. Big wow.

But here’s the odd bit: in the ad, their beagle is called “Mr Tiger”.

Our beagle is called Colin Tigger.

And our blonde-haired son was also recently in a school play. Now, based on the fact that in the ad, little Noah played the role of a tree in his school play, and being aware that there must be literally tens and tens of thousands of different roles available in school plays, guess what our boy was…?

  996192_10151652577802863_1605674476_n     DSC_0094
Yep. And by all accounts, they were both absolutely brilliant: a triumph, dahlink!

Anyway, I liked the ad, and I thought the striking similarities were strikingly similar.

That lovely music, by the way, is the acoustic version of Woodkid’s I Love You. You’ll be wanting the youtube link, won’t you? Yeah, we’ve got that sorted for you, obvs: click here.

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