GeoGuessr will ruin your day (but in a nice way)

It wasn’t so long ago that we told you about Pointless Pointing. And yes, that kept us amused for a short while, but it was ultimately pointless, as the name suggested, and we here at 6000 Towers wanted a bit more of a challenge. Step forward GeoGuessr. Armed only with a random Google Streetview shot […]

Day 561 – Around the world

Geoguessr (see 6000 miles… passim) have updated their UI and their overall offering, including new games, new challenges and more points for doing well. It’s easier to use, more fun to play, and I’ve become readdicted. This week, I have mostly been trying my hand at maps of Sheffield and Cape Town. I should have […]

Day 411 – Tripping hazard

Lol. A little play on words there, because this post is to announce the return of StumbleUpon – which was one of the best (ok, and occasionally worst) ways to waste time on the internet. And the competition is STRONG (PointerPointer, Geoguessr, Flickr Explore, Angry Birds on Chrome, TruthFacts, QuizUp on Android etc etc.). I […]

Day 396 – Easy post for a lazy day

…but this still made me think and smile. Not least because… well… Shetland Pony on a skateboard. It’s an unofficial public holiday in SA today (in that the actual holiday is tomorrow, but everyone with a brain also took today as leave), so I’m being a bit lazy, and after a run and a few […]