Day 615 – Haven’t we suffered enough? (part n)

Arriving in my inbox this morning: But I do fully intend to miss a night with Justin Bieber, dear reader. I’ll be at a school prizegiving event when they go on sale, and I can guarantee that I won’t be shedding a single frustrated tear over not being amongst the first (or indeed, the last) […]

Day 427 – Bok to basics

Guess who’s back in my inbox? It’s popular* Afrikaans singer, Bok van Blerk (You may remember him from all the other times he’s been back in my inbox. Usually it’s to advertise a concert or a speaking tour or a CD. Last time it was a fishing trip. THIS TIME WE’RE GOING HUNTING! Yes, according […]

Day 347 – Prizes

I’ve mentioned Afrikaans singer Bok van Blerk on here a few times, after Bok van Blerk mentioned me in his email list even more times. Those days thankfully seem to have passed now, but it seems that Bok continues to enjoy his high-end celebrity lifestyle, even if he doesn’t tell me about it quite so […]

Day 201, part 2 – Book Bok

Thanks to my mystery subscriber (or just through sheer good fortune?), I have once again begun receiving pleading emails from Afrikaans “entertainer”, Bok van Blerk (see also here and here). Today’s missive tells me that “Bookings are now open again”. Presumably, there has been some issue whereby bookings weren’t open and somehow, the situation has […]