BrianMicklethwaitDotCom mixed metaphor of the day

More talking sense about nonsense from Brian Micklethwait: From the blonde older daughter in 8 Simple Rules earlier this evening: “I’ve made my bed and now I have to let sleeping dogs lie in it.” She’s now the blonde in Big Bang Theory. What will she be the blonde in next? It’s a reasonable question. […]

Brian’s Rugby World Cup Comment

Busy though I am right now, I am still occasionally finding time to catch up with the stuff that I would normally catch up with. Regular readers will know that this includes Brian Micklethwait’s blog, and I rather enjoyed his recent take on the Rugby World Cup, replete as it was with this sort of […]

Brian’s Walk and OMG HOW MUCH?!??!

After being away for the long weekend and the rigours of the kids’ Science Week to prepare for, plus a myriad of bugs to grow in the lab, I’m only finding time to catch up on the other blogs I read. Top of that list, as regular readers will already know, is Post lurgy, […]

Brian on photoing photographers

Brian has been photographing photographers for a long time now, and when you do something for a long time, your ideas around the subject tend to evolve: At first, my photos of photographers were just photos of photographers. But soon I was subdividing that huge category, into photographers taking selfies, photographers looking at the photos they’d […]

Seven London Bridges by Brian

Brian Micklethwait has been photographing London again. This time, looking straight down the river from the balcony of the ME Hotel Radio Bar. He (accurately) claims seven bridges in this photo: I love how, because of the foreshortening effect, there’s almost no river showing at all. As Brian says, I thought I was photographing just the one […]