BrianMicklethwaitDotCom mixed metaphor of the day

More talking sense about nonsense from Brian Micklethwait: From the blonde older daughter in 8 Simple Rules earlier this evening: “I’ve made my bed and now I have to let sleeping dogs lie in it.” She’s now the blonde in Big Bang Theory. What will she be the blonde in next? It’s a reasonable question. […]

One For Brian

Leafing back through previous blog posts, I suddenly found myself dipping into my Brian Micklethwait archive. It’s been almost two years since Brian died, and even longer than that since our missed connection in London, pre-Covid. But I did think of him on my recent visit there, and very deliberately took this very Micklethwaitian image […]

Brian’s Rugby World Cup Comment

Busy though I am right now, I am still occasionally finding time to catch up with the stuff that I would normally catch up with. Regular readers will know that this includes Brian Micklethwait’s blog, and I rather enjoyed his recent take on the Rugby World Cup, replete as it was with this sort of […]

Brian’s Walk and OMG HOW MUCH?!??!

After being away for the long weekend and the rigours of the kids’ Science Week to prepare for, plus a myriad of bugs to grow in the lab, I’m only finding time to catch up on the other blogs I read. Top of that list, as regular readers will already know, is Post lurgy, […]

Brian on photoing photographers

Brian has been photographing photographers for a long time now, and when you do something for a long time, your ideas around the subject tend to evolve: At first, my photos of photographers were just photos of photographers. But soon I was subdividing that huge category, into photographers taking selfies, photographers looking at the photos they’d […]