Bizarre Guardian FunSponge Animal Rant

I was whizzing through the Guardian’s “comment is free” section – the professional version of the Southern Suburbs Tatler letters page – when I saw this story: It’s an image that does, admittedly, pose a number of questions. What do you see? Is that really a grimace, or is a grin? But enough about the Dad; what about the […]

Helpsful advice

We return to the Southern Suburbs Tatler letters page for today’s blog post. And a missive from David Helps (but does he?) of Newlands on a subject close to our hearts here at 6000 miles… – cyclists and cyclism. Must Cyclists Fall? begins David and already, I am starting to wince. During my walk along the tarred […]

Worth repeating?

Worth repeating? Given the lack of action on this issue, despite the repeated warnings from people far more qualified and eminently more important than me, you could be excused for thinking not. However, given the gravity of the situation being described and the impact it will have on our ability to survive as a species – […]

The Three Helens

When Helen Zille announced recently that she was not going to stand for the DA Leadership again this year, the reactions were many and varied. Colleagues used the opportunity to praise her good work for the party, opponents (generally quietly) celebrated and thinkpiece writers fell over themselves to write thinkpieces, having been starved of opportunities […]

V.G.B, the SABC and e-tv

Ah, splendid! A welcome return of letters to The Southern Suburbs Tatler, although this one is an SMS, I believe. (To express your viewpoint via this particular medium to this particular publication, SMS “TAT” (yes, really) to 32263.) That what V.G.B did. V.G.B lives in Pinelands, so we probably shouldn’t take his/her viewpoint too seriously, […]