90s Europop warning

I downloaded a playlist on Spotify.
Look, it was great back in the day (T&Cs apply), and I had the weird idea that it might still be great for some high energy stuff in the gym. And there are some elements of it which do fit that bill, but then there are others that simply… don’t.

Tarzan & Jane by Denmark’s Toy-Box was one that didn’t.

Surfing on the back of other Danish success stories like Aqua and Whigfield, and very much copying the vibe of the former’s Dr Jones (pretty, squeaky voiced, pig-tailed girl in peril in the jungle, hunky bloke with deep voice turns up to save her; they fall in love; numerous double entendres in the lyrics etc.) here are Toy-Box.


As you can see above, despite some very dodgy musical tastes at the time, the UK steered well clear of Toy-Box. And we should be praised for that.

Still, I bet you’re really glad that you found this on your internet timeline today, aren’t you?