7 Up

Not the sugary carbonated “lemon” drink. That would be a ridiculous subject for a blog post. Although, as I’ve always said: “When life throws you E128 and E204, make 7-Up”.

But no, today marks the day seven years ago that I arrived in South Africa and began my role as the country’s favourite import. It’s a bit of a weird one, but we have celebrated it each year since I’ve arrived.
People are never quite sure what to say when we tell them that it’s n years since I came over.  “Congratulations” is all very nice, but what are they really congratulating me on? “Well done on making a decision to move house”? Or perhaps “Amazingly, you’ve survived more than a few hours in this crime-ridden hellhole.”

Hellhole. Why would anyone come here? I mean really…

Whatever their reasoning, what is the correct response from me? “Thanks for having me”?

It’s been a busy few years: getting married, building houses, playing with TB and making children, but it’s been an amazing few years as well.
And no, I – we – have absolutely no plans to live anywhere else, so you may as well stop asking (or praying). With its vast array of entertaining politicians, days full of decent weather, friendly people and cheap beer, together with the flat mountain, the superb lifestyle and the huge range of public holidays: this is very definitely home now.

4 thoughts on “7 Up

  1. GaiB > And not long til yours, I hope.

    The Doctor > Oh, the SAID only took 4 years.
    7Up cake? Who thinks of these things?
    I will try, but maybe not today.

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