3D Changes in domestic paste

One of the gifts which Alex got for his third birthday was a packet of Ben 10 stickers. Ben 10 is, apparently, a kiddie superhero  cartoon character who can be found on Cartoon Network, pajamas, backpacks, t-shirts and indeed, stickers. I have no other knowledge of this Ben 10 character, because Alex is still too young for Cartoon Network.
That, however, has not stopped him from becoming a big fan of Ben 10.

The other thing you should know about these Ben 10 stickers is that they are those cool ones that move (ever so slightly) when you tilt them from side to side a bit. If your hands are fast enough, you can make Ben 10 look like he is having a fit. And anyone watching you will probably think you’re having a fit as well. But that kind of thing is funny if you’re three.
And stickers are great if you are three years old, because you can stick them anywhere you can reach: in your sticker album, on your wardrobe, on your window, the inside of the en-suite toilet bowl, your little sister’s head – anywhere.

Anyway, I am glad that I could identify who and what the stickers were, because being completely honest, the packet they came in wasn’t overly helpful:

3D Changes in domestic paste – the perfect gift for any child’s third birthday

And, as if to explain exactly what 3D changes in domestic paste is, there are some fishes swimming around some conservatory furniture. Maybe they were thinking fish paste. I don’t know.
To me it looks like there was an incident in the printing department and random words and graphics dropped into the Ben 10 sticker packet machine.

Either way, the stickers are a hit and have mainly gone into his sticker album, where they are making explosions and shooting lasers at the Winnie the Pooh Flat shine on bedroom glue.

4 thoughts on “3D Changes in domestic paste

  1. Oh just wait ye of little knowledge – Ben 10 mania WILL prevail upon your household soon.

    PS – The Ben 10 watch is not worth buying, you can actually get a REAL WORKING timepiece at a ‘reputable flea market’ for a quarter of the price. But my 6-year old nephew was not interested in that kind of logic….

  2. Morticia > Oh – I know it’s coming. And then we can have more Chinese junk toys in the house. Joy.
    At least it makes for (vague) entertainment when reading the packets.

  3. Ah, yes. Ben 10. Not big in our house yet either. We’re still going through the Thomas stage… and have all the books and most of the trains and tracks to prove it. Luckily our one year old girl seems to love Thomas too, saving me bucketloads of cash on “Chinese junk”.
    BTW, she is the only one that the 3 y.o. will share his trains with too. *Sweet*

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  4. Del > We have Tigger & Pooh everywhere. The little one isn’t really old enough to make up her mind yet, but when she does, it’ll be Tigger & Pooh. Believe.

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