1989 cool

Susanna Hoffs’ Throwback Thursday picture on… er… Thursday was kinda cool – in a 1989 kinda cool way:

Do you see what she did there? I see what she did there.

There’s something a bit odd about seeing icons of a bygone age together, in that bygone age. Yes, we see them together now, and that’s great, but it’s wholly manufactured. This was a moment when a whole band met another whole band and they had their photos taken together. I’m guessing Music Awards after-party, but if so, everyone is being remarkably well-behaved. Also, the boy-band/girl-band thing adds weight to the weirdness. That, and the fact that they managed to get all seven of them in and virtually nothing or no-one else.

Note also that the Bangles’ photographers’ obligation to get at least some of their legs into shot has come at the expense of Pål’s hair.

Which is not bad thing, based on my memory of Pål’s hair in the late 1980s.

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