183 days late…

I was delighted to see that cover article of this week’s Sunday Times Magazine was about the Pet Shop Boys and even more delighted to read that they have a new album “out now at selected retail outlets”.
And that’s great stuff, because there will always be a place for cheesy electronica.

Imagine then, my disappointment as I read that this new album was called Yes. Disappointment because Yes came out back in March. Six months ago. So why are the Sunday Times telling us about it now? What’s the story?

The copyright for the article showed that it was from The Guardian, so I had a quick google (behind closed doors) and found that the original article was published on the 14th March 2009. A full 183 days before the local rag got round to publishing it.

How emboeresing.

I don’t mind the local newspapers publishing articles from the international press. Not at all.
But please, keep it relevant. This is just outdated nonsense.

One further irony in Alex Petridis’ article was this paragraph: 

The Pet Shop Boys occupy a unique place in the public affections, long after most of their ’80s pop peers have vanished: it’s perhaps worth noting that when their first hit, West End Girls, reached number one in 1986, it was fighting off stiff competition from a-ha.

Of course, in the intervening period between this article about the Pet Shop Boy’s tenth studio album being published in the UK and over here, a-ha released their ninth studio album (even the Daily Mail knew that!). 
All of which – reading in September – makes the paragraph completely nonsensical, as any half-decent music journalist would have noted.

Maybe the Sunday Times should get one of those.

4 thoughts on “183 days late…

  1. All physical music releases are about 6 months behind here. It’s no wonder I download everything these days. The A-Ha album is way better imho.

  2. DW > Look & Listen had Muse’s new one in on Monday. And I’m not sure one can compare those two releases – chalk and cheese.

  3. HH > I had heard United States and Uprising a long time back. Resistance is probably my favourite track.
    And as for your lack of a-ha buyage – shame on you. I always had you down as being a bit naughty though.
    I have emailed some persuasion your way.

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