One hundred days from now, I will be enjoying a concert at the Oslo Spektrum in… Oslo, that being the major reason behind The Last Hurrah Tour. Thus, at such a milestone, it seems appropriate to enjoy a little more a-ha and what could be better than their only UK number 1, The Sun Always Shines On TV (which, of course, is actually untrue)?

Released in November 1985 – yes, that’s 25 years ago – this single sold over 4.5 million copies worldwide, of which I was personally responsible for 0.000022%.  And, in further personal a-ha trivia, I own (as in on CD/vinyl) no fewer than 4 separate cover versions of this song, including one* by the utterly, utterly pisspoor female Europop dance duo Diva, who thankfully remain the perfect example of a no-hit wonder.

* which I have just found here.

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